Forum Rules

No alternate text supplied.Hear ye, hear ye!

1. Respect your fellows (No flames; No Metagaming; No Godmoding)

2. Keep it clean (In general, posts on this site should be "PG" in content:  no profanity, no explicit sexuality, no graphic violence.  Please see the detailed rules for further explanation, and some exceptions for closed RP posts.)

3. Respect the administration (Follow the rules and abide by decisions.)

4. Play fair (Be patient and compassionate)

These are the rules in brief.  Detailed rules can be found HERE.

Please note: Moderators will delete or move posts which are obscene, inflammatory or constitute "flames" against others.  Repeat offenders may be banned, pending a decision by a panel of moderators.  If any moderator has a personal grievance with the offending party, that moderator will not participate in the decision making process.

Enjoy your time here and have fun! 

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