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We expect that those who visit here will do so out of a sense of community and desire to strengthen Roleplay in the realms of EverQuestII and, therefore, there will be little need to moderate these forums.  If, however, moderation is necessary, it will be done under the guidelines set out below.   This site is moderated by a panel of administrators chosen from among a variety of guilds, alignments and servers to provide the best possible experience for everyone who visits.  It is for all roleplayers, regardless of server, playstyle, or alignment.  It belongs to no one guild or player and does not subscribe to any one person's particular RP style or opinion. 

We wish to provide a forum for players and guilds to promote events, forge alliances, share stories, and discuss ideas.  We welcome all roleplayers and ask that those who gather here put aside any differences and focus instead on what we have in common, in the spirit of community.  We do not wish to detract from existing community sites, but to provide another viable site for roleplayers.  Obscenity, metagaming, godmoding, flaming or other inappropriate behavior may lead to the deletion of a post or (in extreme cases) the banning of a member.  Such action will only be taken after this panel has voted on the matter. 

Moderators voting on such an issue will always be impartial.  If a moderator is deemed by his/her peers to be personally vested in a disagreement for whatever reason, he/she will not be allowed to vote.

The current Administrators (Magistrates)  and Moderators (Constables) for this site are:




Please visit the Information section for further details.

Thank you for visiting!

The Magistrates and Constables of The Town Square

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